Our Services

Pata's investments has been manufacturing and installing quality, durable, maintenance free security products for over 4 years. We offer a great variety of security products to the public as well as to the commercial communities. All Pata's investments products are designed and thoroughly tested by engineers before presented to the market place. All pata's investments employees are well-trained personnel only satisfied with perfection. We at Pata's investments truly believe that our service and our products are the best country wide.

Wooden Garage Doors

The wooden garage doors are in single, double and non standard sizes. We provide silk wooden paint to protect the doors from rain and heat.


Coretex Doors

These are steel garage doors with a fine wooden grain finish to beautity and add value to tour home. These quality and durable doors may be customized and painted in any shade to suite the style and design of your home.

coretex door


These are automated to easy the opening and closing of the garage doors or sliding gates. They are heavy and light duty operations. Our motors are equipped with theft resistant cages.


Burglar Bar and Expandable Security Doors

The Security Burglar Bar doors made out from your design and request to suit your wall and the area, the security doors are made for your securityand are fast to open and close for your security.

burglar bar-expandable

Electric Fencing, VideoCom and InterCom

No one can take a chance on your wall by trying to climb on it, because we use the strong wire and powerful energizer in the market which takes the electricity to the wire.

The communication between you and the visitor will be safe as, you will notice who is the gate before opening, with our clear sound intercom and clear picture quality videocom divices.

electric-fencing and coms

We also do Fencing

We do fencing of all types and all sizes for your required security needs


Repair, Service, spare parts and new installations

We pride ourselves in good customer care service.Every repair and installation we do, we use the right machines and suitable tools to produce good quality work. Simple assembly, Easy installation. Easy set-up. Easy maintenance. Quiet and fast operation. Support most types of safety shafts.