Roller Shutters

What are Roller Shutters?

Roller shutter door consist of a number of horizontal slats or bars hinged together. The shutter is raised to open roller shutters and lowered to close it. Originally made from timber , the latest design are manufactured from attractive and durable galvanized aluminum which ensures a longer life span especially against ultra-violet rays and ever- changing climate. Larger roller shutter doors may even be motorised. Specialists worldwide recommend roller shutters.

What are the Benefits of installing Roller Shutters?

Some benefits of Roller shutters include:

  • Roller Shutters provide a life-long service;
  • Roller Shutters requires very little maintenance
  • Roller Shutters are popular world-wide
  • Roller Shutters are easy to clean
  • Roller Shutters add value to your property
  • Roller Shutters enhance the appearance of your premises
  • The insurance industry encourages the installation of roller shutters.